Penne Chicken Alfredo

Chicken breast on top of whole grain penne pasta, mixed veggies topped with parmesan cheese.  1 oz side sauce: Ragu Alfredo

Macros 4 oz Regular: Cal 257   Fat 5.4     Carb 21.2     Prot 30.2

Macros 6 oz Large: Cal 428    Fat 7.7      Carb 21.2      Prot 46.6

Ingredients: Chicken Breast Batch (Chicken Breast Double Lobe, Boneless, Skinless, Oil, coconut, Spices, paprika, Spices, pepper, black, Garlic Batch (Garlic, raw, Oil, coconut, Water, tap, municipal)), Mixed Veggie Batch (sugar snap peas, Carrots, raw, Broccoli Florets Raw), Barilla Whole Grain Penne Pasta, Cheese, parmesan, shredded