Arthur's Pesto Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a hint of Pesto. Served with brown rice and spring veggies mix. 


6 oz Large: Cal 469     Fat 9.1       Carbs 52.6        Prot 42.7

4 oz Regular: Cal 268    Fat 5.4     Carbs 26.3       Prot 27.3 

Ingredients: Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked, Chicken Breast Batch (Chicken Breast Double Lobe, Boneless, Skinless, Oil, coconut, Spices, paprika, Spices, pepper, black, Garlic Batch (Garlic, raw, Oil, coconut, Water, tap, municipal)), Spring Mix (Zucchini Squash Batch (Zucchini, raw, organic, with skin, Squash, summer, crookneck and straightneck, raw, Peppers, bell, sweet, red, raw, Oil, coconut, Black Peppercorn), Bell Pepper Batch (Peppers, bell, sweet, red, raw, Bell Pepper, Green, Oil, coconut, Black Peppercorn), Asparagus (Asparagus, raw, Spices, pepper, black), sugar snap peas, Broccoli, raw)