How it All Works: FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions"

When is the new site and services expected to launch? We're anticipating a live launch date over the weekend of Septemeber 29th/30th!

Where are the meals prepared? All of our meals are prepared fresh at a commercial kitchen downtown Denver near 40th and Colorado Blvd

Does FitFoods4U have a storefront? No, we do not have storefront. Our operations perform best with direct to consumer, allowing some advantage to source higher quality sustainable products, packaging and delivery methods.  

Does FitFoods4U Deliver? Yes, we do. FedEx same day is our delivery partner. Delivery days are Tuesday's and Friday's. Pickups are scheduled for 1 pm and guaranteed by 5 pm. 

Does FitFoods4U charge for delivery? Yes, Rates are based upon the county selected at checkout.  

Do I need to be home when meals are delivered? No. We deliver in insulated reusable bags with ice gel packs.  

Can FitFoods4U deliver to my place of business? Yes as long as your place of business is open after 5 pm.

When is my order due?

Tuesday Delivery: Orders must be received prior *Sunday by 9 am (2 days advanced notice)  *Tuesday Delivery = Food for days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Friday Delivery: Orders must be received prior Wednesday 9 am (2 days advanced notice) *Friday Delivery = Food for days Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Do I have a minimum amount that I have to order? There is not a minimum order for *Front Range Metro Denver* Most of our customers will shop for two or three days of food at a time averaging 3-5 meals per day. 


When are your cook days? Currently, we cook Mondays' and Thursday for home delivery.

Do I have to sign a contract? No there are no contacts to sign.

Can I prepay for my meals? Yes, our goal is to help you achieve your goals along with a healthy-eating lifestyle. We often find that a pre-paid commitment will help to ensure proper food consumption, therefore goal results are visible.  We do offer pre-paid discounts.

How do I reheat Bulk? The meals are fully cooked so you can eat them cold or hot. Meals can be reheated on average 90 second or until the desired temperature is reached.

How long does the food last?  On average the shelf life is 5-6 days. Fish is best eaten within 4 days.

Can I store meals in the freezer? We recommend you eat items fresh within 4-5 days. If you choose to freeze items we find it best to wrap with cellophane before freezing. This will ensure food quality and freshness as intended.  Food consumption should take place within 2 weeks of the original purchase date.

I travel on business a lot. What is the best way to travel with my meals? There are many ways to travel with your meals. The best way we have found is to freeze a majority of the meals and then take in a cooler as carry-on luggage. The frozen meals will keep cold and you will not have to use ice packs (which we've found are not permitted through security).