How it All Works: FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions"

 Where are the meals prepared? All of our meals are prepared fresh at a commercial kitchen downtown Denver near 40th and Colorado Blvd

Does FitFoods4U have a store front? YES we currently have a store front. Fitfoods4U Wheat Ridge 4240 Kipling St. Wheat Ridge Co 80033 (Store located Inside Armbrust Pro Gym) 

Does FitFoods4U Deliver? Yes we do. Delivery days are Tuesday's and Friday's. A fitfoods4u delivery driver will text number provided at checkout upon delivery. Please be sure to have a cooler with ice accessible for driver to place meals inside for health safety protocol.  

Does FitFoods4U charge for delivery? Yes, we currently charge for home & business deliveries. Rates are based upon delivery zones. Zones provided at check-out.  

Do I need to be home when meals are delivered? No.  However, if you are not present upon the delivery we would ask that you please place a cooler filled with ice at your front door to assure food quality and freshness.

Can FitFoods4U deliver to my place of business? Yes as long as your place of business is open after 5 pm. .

When is my order due to ensure my meals get prepared?

Tuesday Delivery: Orders must be received prior *Sunday by 9 am (2 days advanced notice)  *Tuesday Delivery = Meals for days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Friday Delivery: Orders must be received prior Wednesday 9 am (2 days advanced notice) *Friday Delivery = Meals for days Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

What if I miss the order cut off day/time? Unless you notify us to cancel the order we fulfill your order according to your order day and time. (Ex: Sunday 5 pm order will be pushed to Friday's delivery).  You can also visit our Fitfoods4U Wheat Ridge Retail Store for same-day purchase. 

Do I have a minimum amount that I have to order? There is not a minimum order for *Front Range Metro Denver* Most of our customers will shop for two or three days of food at a time averaging 3-5 meals per day. 

When are your cook days? Currently we cook Mondays' and Thursday for home delivery.

Do I have to sign a contract? No there are no contacts to sign.

Can I prepay for my meals? Yes, our goal is to help you achieve your goals along with a healthy-eating lifestyle. We often find that a pre-paid commitment will help to ensure proper food consumption, therefore goal results are visible.  We do offer pre-paid discounts.

What sizes do the meals come in? Currently we offer two sizes, regular and large.

Breakfast Meals 
Regular: 4oz protein or 4 eggs
Large: 6oz protein or 6 eggs

Healthy-Meals (Lunch & Dinner) 
Regular: 4oz of protein with 1/2 cup of carbohydrates.
Large: 6oz of protein and about 1 cup of carbohydrates.

Snack-Meals (Salads & Wraps)
Small: 3oz of protein 
Large: 6oz protein             

We also offer bulk orders of proteins, vegetables or carbohydrates sold by the pound.

How do I know what size of meal to eat? Each person will vary with meal sizes based on specific needs, goals, health history and lifestyle.  We recommend setting up a free 15-20 minute phone consultation so together we can help you design the plan that is best suited for all your needs. 

How much sodium is in your meals? Our lowest sodium meal averages around 290 mg while our highest sodium meal averages around 1650.  The average sodium content for our meals are 880mg.  Ask your Nutrition Coach for further details.

How do I reheat the meals? The meals are fully cooked so you can eat them cold or hot. Meals can be reheated on average 90 second or until desired temperature is reached.

How long do the meals last? FitFoods4U meals last 4-5 days, each meal may vary.  Poultry and beef meals will last up to 5 days. Fish meals, fruit, breakfast burritos, wraps and salads are best if consumed within 4 days.

Can I store meals in the freezer? We recommend you eat the meals fresh within 4-5 days. If you choose to freeze meals we find it best to wrap with cellophane before freezing. This will ensure food quality and freshness as intended.  Food consumption should take place within 2 weeks of original purchase date.

I travel on business a lot. What is the best way to travel with my meals? There are many ways to travel with your meals. The best way we have found is to freeze a majority of the meals and then take in a cooler as carry-on luggage. The frozen meals will keep cold and you will not have to use ice packs (which we've found are not permitted through security).

How does your delivery system work if I choose to pick up my online order at one your pick-up locations? In-Store pick up locations are delivered Tuesday and Friday. You will receive a text with the number you provide at checkout. Each pick-up location store hours do vary. Please be sure to visit the stores website to confirm store hours. You can also visit our "Find a Pick-Up Location" icon to locate a pickup spot!