Meal Coach Plans

Poor meal planning, research, number crunching, point collecting can lead you down frustrating paths, spinning in circles until you finally you call it quits… and the phrase “Throw in the towel”  becomes reality.

You may have or are currently experiencing some of the following scenarios below:

  • Difficulty in losing or gaining weight such as desired
  • Excessive weight gain or even unhealthy weight loss
  • Food hunger
  • Food cravings
  • Bland Foods which can lead to improper seasonings or in some cases spikes of sodium, preservatives and additives.

On the other hand, effective meal planning makes building muscle or losing fat consistently enjoyable, and more importantly, sustainable. That is, you’re able to make a true long-term lifestyle change, not a burdensome quick fix that may lead you to yo-yo dieting and other aggravations.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, meal planning is going to be a major factor in whether you achieve your goals or not.  Let fitfoods4u, “The Meal Coach” experts be your helping hand.




  • Secured and Unlimited access to FitFoods 4U Nutrition Complete 
  • FitFoods 4 U Nutrition Complete includes - Personal Profile, Meal Planning, Recipes, Diary’s for personal, food and activities, a shopping list and much more
  • Weekly One-on-One Meal Coaching with a FitFoods Nutrition Coach
    • Allow 15-30 min for your In-Person or by phone weekly review (Meal Intake, goals) 
  • Pre-Set Weekly FitFoods 4U meals placed into your calendar by your nutrition coach
  • $100.00 discount off FitFoods4U Meals (min order 15 meals per week)