Our Story


Rick Sosias’ life’s passion has always been to help people. His simple principle: “Fuel the Body and Watch the Soul Flourish.

How it all began…. 

FitFoods4U was created in 2009 when personal trainer, Rick Sosias noticed the needs of ONE client - too busy to cook, who simply wasn't seeing the fitness results he deserved for all the hard work he was doing at the gym. Rick decided to go to the store, buy healthy foods and cook for his client out of his home to assure he was eating properly.  “I cooked his meals and his job was to eat. Within days, his weight began dropping and his energy level increased. He would tell you now that he is in the best shape of his life - and LOVING every minute of it! What began as a favor for one client soon exploded into hundreds of meals per week.”

Rick has been a personal trainer, nutrition coach and national level bodybuilder for over ten years. He continues to stress the importance of proper nutrition and the role it plays in daily lives. It should come as no surprise but eating healthy helps virtually every aspect of one’s lifestyle all the way down to basic human interaction.

In 2010 Rick had outgrown his personal kitchen and it was off to a commercial one. FitFoods4U continues to prepare and serve the highest quality of foods possible for each and every client. They prove time and time again that they have a quality, caring staff that provides healthy, tasty and fresh food with an impeccable service.

FitFoods4U has been helping many others achieve their healthy lifestyle they have always wanted.  Give us a call and let’s get started today toward your fitness success story!

Founder, Rick Sosias